FAQ - Are we suitable for you?

Whether you already have a security system in place or its something you have been putting off for months. We provide and install world class, beautifully simple equipment. Boasting the most secure alarm monitoring and wireless technology you can rely on 24/7.

All of our systems are easy to use, take a couple of hours to install, and best of all get you the help you need when and where it matters most.

Just one call to direct line security is all you need to transform your prospective on keeping things secure and start to enjoy looking forward.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Q. How disruptive to me and my home / business will having a direct line security ltd system be?

A. We absolutely understand how busy and unpredictable your schedule can be. An average installation takes 2-3 hours, we also contact you when we are on our way to install your alarm so you don't have to wait in all day. On request we can fast-track your order to be completed within 48 hours. 

Q. Are your systems easy to use?

A. The solutions we provide incorporate industry leading products, which create possibilities for all. Whether it's the little ones arriving home from school or some who is technology minded, even people who embrace keeping it simple. There's a way for everyone to easily operate and enjoy our systems.

Q. What if I make changes to the house?

A. In the event that any changes are made, such as having new windows or doors fitted, adding an extension, fitting a conservatory etc. Sensors can be moved easily or more can be connected to the wireless alarm system with easy.

Q. Will my alarm system false alarm?

A. Direct Line Security Ltd understand that inferior equipment and poor installations are a leading cause of false alarms. With our systems boasting industry leading wireless technology and our professionals installation engineers your system has one of the lowest failure rates available today.